How to Make Emergency Lights from the Former Jam Topless

Got ya thinking poyek especially suitable for this blog , make a delicious lighting of the former topless jam that is not used anymore . Wasted mending of the accessories used types of Luxeon LED lights ( high power LED ) which started easily found in the market .

This lamp can illuminate the room topless with pretty good lit 360 ° and waterproof as well . it takes quite a bit of material HPL 3 Watt and a Nokia mobile phone battery BL - 5C ( Li - Ion ) . For battery and LED can be permanently mounted on the lid of the peanut butter bottles earlier , the DC input jack is also available as a battery charger .

10 Function Led Usefulness of a jam jar : (Read: harga lampu emergency surya )
Portable emergency lamp
The light tent / camping
Swim floating lights
Room nightlight
Camera lighting
Rescue lights waterproof
Solar powered LED lights
Garden lamp decoration
Substitute gas lamps
Suitable as a party decoration lights
Step 1 : Persian Equipment and Materials

Materials :
3W LED Ultrabright
LED Indicator
Nokia BL - 5C Battery
1N4007 Diode
470 ohm resistor
On / Off switch
DC Power Jack
Double-sided sticky tape


equipment :
soldering iron
Hot Glue Gun
hand drill
Step 2 : Pengelem each component

Step 3 : Optional : USB Charger Lithium battery , can be used charger ponselIMG_2256a ( 2 ) . JpgPicture of Optional : Adding a USB Lithium USB Charger
Step 4 : Schematic diagram of the circuit
Picture of The Schematic Diagram

Step 6 : Charge Testing
Picture of Charge Testing
If Led red indicator light means the battery charging process has been operating semprna . For the battery charger you can make yourself please read the " how to make a portable USB charger "
Step 7 : Finish
Picture of You're Done !
IMG_2286 ( 2 ) . JPG
For complete instructions can be downloaded as your reference in making it , if you please please share to your friends and family how to make light of the former jam jar . Luxeon LED booking click here ( lampu emergency terbaik )

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